Friday, November 18, 2011

Everett, WA's fall weather has been so unseasonably warm, that this fuchsia tree is flourishing on the north side of a lawyer's office downtown. A few blocks south, at the 112th Park and Ride, we found purple irises blooming all over the parking lot. Several new blooms were still striving to unfold. It was amazing to find this on November 2, 2011, and the irises blooming away in mid October. That's how late our "summer" was in Western Washington.

Our weather has finally turned a bit cooler; we've had our first snow flurry earlier today. I guess it's time. The best thing about winter, is having family over for a wonderful Thanksgiving, and then preparing for Christmas day together. As colder air of Alaska moves down to cover the Pacific Northwest, hopefully, the winter storms will provide us with downed fir branches for Christmas wreaths. It's another traditional way we take advantage of Puget Sound's seasonal gifts.

My favorite dividend from fall's brilliant colors and windy weather, is locating and collecting horse chestnuts. We use them on Christmas wreaths, as a special family tradition. Gilded, or just in their natural mahogany bay coat, we love using them for crafts. I'll show you what our family creates with chestnuts in another blog post. I hope you're planning to have a wonderful holiday season. Keep in touch.

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