Monday, March 26, 2012

Our new Reese kitty, already hugging Mom
"Take me home now, Mom!"
Reese, orange tabby adopted in December, 2011
Reese loves milk.
After moping around for a few months after losing my dearest orange tabby cat, "Skimbles" to cancer, my daughters felt it was time to look for another special kitty. We found a likely prospect, "Reese", residing at the Camano Island Animal Shelter Association. I looked up his picture every day for almost two months. Finally, we drove to Camano, to meet the big seven year old, orange tabby, Reese.

At the shelter, we found him lounging beside the computer keyboard near the staff. Within minutes, he was in my arms, and I pressed my face against his cheek. He clung to me. I felt my smile come back. Reese had been in the shelter for a few months, and as a stray, there wasn't any history to share.

He was tentative at home at first. He watched the other kitties a lot, and played "circus" all night with Menzo. We'd try and "moosh" our faces into his soft tummy, only five or six times a day, although we wanted to kiss him much more. He would jump away, less and less, and we could see we were making progress.

Soon, we found him sitting on the couch beside my husband, Phil, every evening. Dad's grinning broadly at having his "own kitty". He's never had a cat that choose him as his special person before.

One day, he was on the end of our bed, "his spot", early Sunday morning. Phil returned from the kitchen with a bowl of milk and cereal. Quickly, Reese walked up on Phil's chest, begging for the milk within seconds. Well, there's a reaction! We'd tried to feed him treats before, but he'd even ignored salmon skin. The milk was what he wanted!

He's responding to words now, like "milk", and "Reese, big kitty", earns a turn of the ear. "Mooshing" his plush, apricot/white tummy, and telling him how beautiful he is, inspires great purring. We're delighted to discover his devotion for my husband, Phil.

Anyone sitting on the couch is now his cuddle target. He knows we all love paying attention to him, and sneaking "mooshes", often. It's been a wonderful experience adopting this great big companion cat, and watching him choose to become a true member of the family.

Thank you, Camano Animal Shelter, for helping us find our wonderful Reese.

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